Sunday, March 23, 2008

yay for tomorrow's show!

Just as a reminder, we'll be playing all non-American, potentially non-English-language music tomorrow. Although, I think we will be playing things recorded in English, just not American-derived, and by that, I mean... not from here, generally, I guess. It's difficult in a modern cultural landscape to really assign contemporary music with a specific place. A guitarist from Nigeria may be living and recording out of London for most of his life. He may release his music only through a small U.S. label, that then sends out copies of the album through a distribution agent in Canada. So, is this man's music Nigerian? British? American?

Not only the distribution distinction, but more pressing, what digital culture is doing to our cultural notions of placement. If we can send out music instantly to all corners of the world, then we have an infinite number of possible places that the music can end up. Can it rightfully be claimed by the country that seizes upon it the most?

Regarding something as non-American music is particularly tricky in the case of artists that come from one country and producers that come from another. If a Swedish artist is produced by a New York record producer, then is the album Swedish or American-derived? Simply put, how can we make sure that the music we play is non-American? Maybe its inspiration was American, or it has derived from a sound that is American. Is it American rock and roll derived? Or blues-derived? Is it a punk that is influenced by the Ramones or by the Clash? Georgio Moroder's production or Donna Summer's vocals?

Well, if you have thoughts on this, leave a comment or call in to discuss. I suppose I could take it as purely non-English-language, but that would cut out some of the U.K. stuff I desperately want to play.

Oh, my fingers are so cold. I've managed to keep most of my body warm, but my hands just refuse to stay warm, and the longer they stay at the keyboard, the colder they get. BRRRR!

It's my birthday tomorrow, so you can also call in about that. (412) 621 - WRCT. Or better, send me beers.

And, because I wouldn't want you to go without any entertainment during this Easter Sunday:

I never could figure out why the parents would separate in such a manner that they wouldn't tell the girls that they were twins. I mean, the girls are so forgiving, but if I found out after however many years that I had a twin sister, and my mother, simply out of spite and dislike for the father, did not tell me, I'd be pissed and raging, not simply looking for a way to get the two back together.
But, I suppose that kind of rains on the parade. This is such an awfully cute clip.


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