Thursday, March 20, 2008

alienation's for the rich...

Oh, working week, how I loathe you. Today, upon waking, I lost it. I'm burnt out from my job. I've worked a week straight as of today. Yesterday, I was on my hands and knees, sorting, throwing out stuff, dusting (dirting is more like it), scrubbing, vacuuming... At one point, standing there, confetti from New Year's Eve stuck to the knees on my black work pants, dust and grime on my new blouse, dirt in my fingernails, all over my hands, on my sweater, on my face, a thought occurred to me: "I have a college degree. I have... a college degree."

I know it could be worse. I could be a real wage slave, slinging burgers for minimum wage, or back at my old job, where I got paid 5.15 an hour to take shit from customers and co-workers alike. No, no, this job has its cushy positives: Decent pay, sufficient down time, flexible schedule, understanding office manager, nice co-workers (well, most of them. The restaurant staff can be pretty vulgar. I try to take it in the right humor... except when they're trying to pull my skirt down... that's not cool.). But lately, I've just felt very done with my job. Look, it's an okay job. Just okay. No benefits, I've worked every holiday since I started, no hope for a salary increase or promotion. And now we're entering our busy Spring season, rung in by the screeching speeding train that is Easter Sunday Brunch. Some fifty reservations, and the owner is still complaining about how few people there are to fill those tables. He's kidding himself.

But you don't read this blog to hear about my job woes. (Well, you don't read this blog, but if "you" did, then "you" wouldn't be reading this to hear about my job woes... presumably.) In honor of my current complicated feelings toward my place of employment, and employment in general, I present a little mix of songs, dedicated to the service workers, domestic employees, and anyone who ever had to remember that he/she has a college degree.

Ten Songs for Employees Everywhere
1. "Welcome to the Working Week" - Elvis Costello (My Aim is True)
2. "Minimum Wage" - They Might Be Giants (Flood)
3. "Working in a Coal Mine" - Lee Dorsey (and try the Devo cover)
4. "Lazybones" - Shonen Knife (712 OR The Birds and the B-sides)
5. "TGIF" - Le Tigre (Feminist Sweepstakes) (Especially the line "All my friends are fucking bitches, best known for burning bridges. Do you need a character witness?")
6. "Don't Worry About the Government" - Talking Heads (Talking Heads 77)
7. "Government Center" - The Modern Lovers (Modern Lovers)
8. "Money (That's What I Want") - Barrett Strong (or any cover there of)
9. "9 to 5" - Dolly Parton (Dolly's coming here in April!)
10. "Working Class Hero" - John Lennon (Plastic Ono Band)

In other news, we are playing non-American music this week. Save us from ourselves and our extensive obsession with French sixties pop music by making a request that is a) not from America and b) not from France.

You can request here, in the comments section, or by calling 412.621.WRCT.

- Emily

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