Monday, March 3, 2008

Our First Day!

Okay, so this is a brand new blog for our brand new show, "Afternoon Tea" on WRCT 88.3 FM.

So, chances are, no one is reading this right now. In fact, no one will be reading this for quite a while. But that's cool, you know, we're patient, we'll wait.... totally patient...

Oh well, so when you do start a) listening to our show (Mondays, from noon to two, by the way), and b) reading this blog, you will be treated to some oh so nice features, such as a weekly playlist (which, yes, you can also get at and comments about the show. Who knows, with both Kitten and I writing entries, you're bound to get some silly stuff on this page. I excell at blogging random comments, thoughts, tidbits, and pictures, so if you enjoy reading funny nonsense, then this is probably the page for you.

And if you are an avid listener of Afternoon Tea, or maybe just a casual drop-in, this is the best place to make requests, as I will have a chance to track down any of the tunes that may not already be in the WRCT library.

I will also probably be using some of this blog space to brag about my Jerry's Records finds. Today I got:


I'm always a little peturbed by the expression on this woman's face. Desirous snarl?

Two awesome records for under ten bucks. You can't get a better deal anywhere else on the planet.

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