Wednesday, March 19, 2008

other voices, other rooms

as per usual, there's a ton going on in the 4-1-2.
(Tuesday) tonight (was): AIR open workshop (bring your own image to silkscreen, there's some ink and pre-emulsified screens; $5 a screen, $1 to print out your acetate there)
event is weekly, 7-11pm

tomorrow: check out NCECA exhibits.

during the day-
Mister Rogers' Birthday, which means:
FREE admission at Mattress Factory and the Children's Museum!! Don't believe me? Check their websites.
at night-
Body on Body (electroclass/jazzercise pop) night at brillobox, bi-weekly bi-social at your inner vagabond, 80s night at Belvedere's.

friday: choose your own adventure (ie up for grabs; I don't know what I'm doing friday, either)

saturday: coffee tasting & pillar of fire purim party at your inner vagabond

we're still looking for decent pgh indiepop. if you or someone you know suffers from indiepopdom, don't send them to IA (indies anon), send them our way.

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