Saturday, March 15, 2008

Dance Party Out Your Angst

So, kitten did not get her northeast corridor tour...
but she DID find a way to danceparty out the angst for a three-day stint. and there are even more dance parties in PGH that she did not know about, as well as a thing called "Solution; the new sunday night dance party." (to be discovered and documented, of course)

Now, you may not be a dancer (and you may have some issues with hiphop/funk and soul)
but pgh is full of great non-judgmental dance spaces where you can shake it OUT.

This week is/was about:
Classic Material @ brillobox (thursday) ($4)<--next week is The Big Throwback,
which is AMAZING
Raise the Roof to Raise Some Loot @ Belvedere's (friday) ($5)<-- fundraiser for the Thomas Merton Center. There was a rep from Planned Parenthood there, so we got to finger PP mint chapstick (seriously) and try to guess the flavours of the "Taste" condoms.
Operation Sappho @ Remedy (tonight!) ($4, $3 if you're in 'costume')<--this week's theme is "Isle of Lesbos"-- the idea is to dress in Lesbo theme. Togas? Mullets? Go to people-watch, if nothing else.

in addition, Your Inner Vagabond has a bunch of evenings with live music. You can hear music leak through if you're sitting in the front (free), and to be a part of the action in the back is usually a $7 cover.

Also- I have heard tell of a Roller Rink night DJ'd by PFUNKT. This is such an exciting prospect; I can't really contain myself.

if you are not a member of and live in PGH/surrounding areas, you really should get on that asap. [you'll thank me] and never be bored again! there is a TON to do in this city-- the trick is simply to be in the know.

Upcoming this week (my personal plan):
Monday: St. Patrick's Day for you shamrockers
Tuesday: Screenprinting @ AIR, 8pm to 11pm
Wednesday: NCECA [].. the CERAMICISTS are coming!!
Thursday: The Big Throwback @ brillobox


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