Thursday, March 6, 2008

A rare Jerry's find, a free album to download, and other miscellany...

Yesterday, at Jerry's, I got a near perfect promo copy of the first Tubeway Army record:

Some of you (and by that I mean that maybe one of the two readers of this blog) may know Tubeway Army, but in case one of you is unfamiliar: Tubeway Army was Gary Numan's band before his proper solo career. Wikipedia reports them as the first post-punk band to have an electronic hit with "Are 'Friends' Electric," and if you haven't heard them, just imagine the Gary Numan you know, but with a little cred. Actually, if you've heard Pleasure Principle (the one with "Cars"), then you've basically heard Tubeway Army, and some people are even of the persuasion that believe PP is better than either TA release, but I don't agree. Tubeway Army was basically Gary Numan, and because of this, his musical transition into his proper solo career at least begins gradually.

During my last trip to Washington state, I picked up a copy of Replicas, the follow-up album, for twelve bucks, which is still an alright deal. But the self-titled debut, and a promo nonetheless, I got for four dollars. Four freaking dollars. Sometimes, I think the price tags at Jerry's are just for laughs, like you're going to take the record up to desk, and he's going to hold it up, tell you its real price, and laugh heartily as your face falls and your hopes are crushed. But he's a good man, that Jerry Weber, and if he wants to sell me a copy of the first Tubeway Army record for four dollars, then I will buy it from him. Actually, I could only pay him three dollars and sixty-five cents. So I owe him thirty-five cents. I'll put it in the mail today.

Other business: Athens, GA-based band, Russian Spy Camera, is has put their latest album up for free download on their myspace. Click the link, then just click the giant picture of the new album to download the zip file. Totally worth it, especially if you haven't heard the band yet. I believe they are properly on HHBTM records down there in Athens. I've actually gotten to meet them a few times, having traveled down to Athens Popfest several years in a row. Ryan is an absurdly nice person, which I believe I countered with my usual mix of fetching grace and terrible, binding awkwardness. The band is awesome live, and although RSC isn't doing anything terribly innovative, they play it better than almost any other band with a similar sound. Dancey, driving rock, but not harsh or overly electro. A blog post on the Three Imaginary Girls site mentions Pinback, and you know, it's kind of true. They don't really remind me of any specific Pinback song, but more of the general tone.

You can find out a little more about Russian Spy Camera here, including a personal tidbit that you may not expect.

Oh, and, duh, go to their official website.

no, wayne coyne is not in the band, and ryan is not possessed by satan. this is how nasty rumors get started, people.

So, a reminder, we're going to be playing all pop stuff from the sixties and seventies. If you're just dying to hear something, whether it be some "Yummy Yummy Yummy (I've got love in my tummy)" or maybe that Badfinger song you can't shake out of your mind ("Day After Day" is on permanent rotation in my brain. It happened in the summer of 2005, and, well, I can't do anything about it now...), then leave your request in the comments section.

Oh, or call us, cause we get lonely during the show. 412.621.WRCT.

- Emily

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