Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Bonjour from Kitten!

Hello everyone! I am so excited about our show; if yesterday was any sign, we are certainly off to a good start, and hopefully will get better acclimated with the Pittsburgh indiepop scene
(I have high hopes about its existence... you're out there, somewhere, popsters, and I will find you!)

Our first show was mainly working out our vibe; I discovered that I happen to like electropop more than I ever thought I did, and Emily supplied some great dancey beats and indiepop. Most things were Americo/Anglo for the first show, but we definitely plan to mix it up....the goal: consistently "beat and upbeat."

In case you're curious, here was Monday's playlist (albums in parentheses):
1) Intro- Petra Haden - Heinz Baked Beans (Petra Haden Sings "The Who Sells Out")
2) David Candy- Play Power (Play Power)
3) Tammys- Egyptian Shumba (One Kiss Leads To Another - Girl Groups Volume 2)
4) Stereolab- Tomorrow is Already Here (Emperor Tomato Ketchup)
5) Pulsallama- Devil Lives in my Husband's Body (East Village Sound Gallery)
6) B-52's- Song for a Future Generation (Whammy)
7) Le Sport- Your Brother is My Only Hope (Tell No one about Tonight)
8) Barry Louis Polisar- All I want is You (Juno OST)
9) Bow Wow Wow- Fools Rush In [Kevin Shields Remix] (Marie Antoinette OST)
10) The Blow- Parentheses (Paper Television)
11) Datarock- Fa Fa Fa (Datarock Datarock)
12) Howard Hello- And You Said Robots Weren't Sexy (Greenness)
13) Bearsuit- Itsuko Got Married (Cat Spectacular)
14) Polysics- New Wave Jacket (Polysics or Die!)
15) Ladytron- Playgirl (604)
16) Freezepop- Shark Attack (Fashion Impression Function)
17) Anna Oxygen- Aviva (All Your Faded Things)
18) Robots in Disguise- Don't Copy Me (We're in the Music Biz)
19) Dear Nora- Since You Went Away (We'll Have a Time)
20) The Go! Team- Wrath of Marcie (Proof of Youth)
21) St Vincent- Paris is Burning (Marry Me)
22) Au Revoir Simone- Fallen Snow (The Bird of Music)
23) Dionne Warwick- Wishin' and Hopin'
24) The Bangers- Baby Let Me Bang Your Box
25) The Octopus Project- Bees Bein' Strugglin' (Hello, Avalanche)
26) Shocking Pinks- Yes! No! (s/t)
27) The Plastics- Cards (Welcome Back, Plastics)
28) Prince- Private Joy (Controversy)
29) Vampire Weekend- Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa (s/t)
30) Ladybugs- How Do You Do It (Girls in the Garage, Part I)
31) Barcelona- 1980-1990 (Zero-one-INFINITY)
32) Solex- Shady Lane (Everything is Ending Here, a Tribute to Pavement)
33) Beck- Go It Alone (Guero)
34) Patty Duke- Whenever She Holds You (Patty Duke's Greatest Hits)
35) Saint Etienne- Lose That Girl (Travel Edition 1990-2005)
36) Electric Six- Down at McDonalz (I Shall Exterminate Everything...)

Next week's theme: Poppy '60s/'70s
If you have any requests, the best thing to do is post a note to the blog; we check it daily. If you are a local band, please also post here. We may make a myspace page for the show; we'll let you know if we do. Then you too(!) can follow the exploits of Emily Fear and Kitten as they create their virtual footprint on "teh internets."


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