Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New links section added. Also, listen to more Bow Wow Wow!

The first part of this is explained in the title. To the left of the page, folowing the description of the site, is an in-progress list of links. I just started on these, so if anyone is reading this blog, and wants something added, either out of self-promotional needs, or perhaps a philanthropic need to spread the word to the masses, leave a comment or send a message this way.

Also, I've been listening to a lot of Bow Wow Wow recently, and not simply because the chapter concerning them in Simon Reynold's "Rip It Up and Start Again: Post-Punk 1978 - 1984" is so morbidly curious, what with Malcolm McLaren's Machiavellian/emperor capitalist-cum-pedophile approach to building the band, and the seeming puppets that the group played to McLaren's vulgar puppet master.

All of this aside, however, if you can, get a copy of Bow Wow Wow's "Your Cassette Pet," "See Jungle, See Jungle..." LP, even the "I Want Candy" LP, that features a lot of repeats from the first two releases. The polyrhythms and beat-oversaturation is the initial draw, but as I listen more and more to the band, I find that Annabella Lwin's yelpy, but powerful vocals keep the music glued together. The sound is all girlish heaving breaths and over-exuberance, and it sounds so good piled on top of that rhythm section. The band never did craft a perfect album. Select tracks are better than the whole, so if you can find a really decent best-of collection, go for it. One I found that isn't bad is "Aphrodesiac: The Best of Bow Wow Wow," which features mainly older material.

And if you simply must, you can google image search Bow Wow Wow to salivate over young Annabelle's sex-kitten posturing. I'm sure it's nowhere near as salacious as McLaren had planned.


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