Sunday, March 9, 2008

some cute random video posts

france gall is adorable and underrated. this track has a really pretty chorus, and this video has a ridiculous dance party at the end. i love the sight of awkward mod french boys trying to move in their stiff, tight suits.

ye-ye medley! francoise hardy wipes the floor with sylvie vartan and petula clark. her songs are better, and she looks badass in all leather. those other ladies don't stand a chance. at one point, they look bored stiff while she tears up the joint, all while never leaving her stool.

this song actually kind of rules, but the ridiculous shoplifting/keyboard rock out in the grocery store is distracting fun. "hey, you know how we disco? hey, you know how we disco dancing!" all that, and spanish rapping!

this is too funny. patty duke does her twist on "england swings..." on the perry como show. it's very, very perry como. i love the dancing british royal guards. to be honest, i really like what she does with the song. i think patty duke has a really nice, plaintive girly voice, a little hysterical, a little childish, kind of perfect for the material that she sang so early in her career.

So, maybe that's it for now? oh, no, wait a moment, this little video is too good to keep to myself. um, i'm going to let it speak for itself:

- Emily

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